GameCore - A Free and Open Source Java Game Development Library

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GameCore is a free and open source library designed for Java and Android game developers.

GameCore is a powerful and flexible library for developing 2D games in Java and Android. Originally created as a simple Java library for making 2D games, GameCore has grown to include support for Android and JavaFX, as well as a range of features and functionality to help you create the games you want.

With GameCore, you can easily add support for sound effects, music, sprite sheets, and much more. The library comes with a range of core classes that provide the building blocks for your game, as well as additional classes specifically designed for Android games. Best of all, GameCore is completely free and open-source, so you can use it to create the games you want without having to pay a dime.

Supported Platforms

GameCore is available for JavaFX and Android applications via Maven and Gradle. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced game developer, GameCore makes game development fast and easy.

Programming Languages

GameCore is written in Java and Kotlin, providing developers with flexibility and ease of use.

If you’re looking to create 2D games in Java or Android, GameCore is the library you need. With its flexible API and extensive features, it provides a powerful foundation for creating games that are both fun and engaging. And with its support for both JavaFX and Android, you can create games that work on a wide range of platforms, from desktop computers to mobile devices.