RGB-D Data of Synthetic Textureless Surfaces

RGB-D Data of Synthetic Textureless Surfaces

sellDataset sell3D Reconstruction


The dataset features several common objects with uniform albedo rendered as images in Blender without any added textures and under varying lighting conditions and camera viewing angles. The intended use for the dataset is in 3D reconstruction from a single RGB image, and each sample is labelled with a ground truth (GT) depth map and normal map. It includes 35 different 3D models of varying degrees of realisticity in terms of deformations and polygon. There are 8,640 samples per object, and with 35 objects in total, a database of 302,400 labeled RGB-D samples is provided.

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Category Objects # of Objects
animals asian_dargon, bunny, cats, dragon, duck, pig 6
clothing cape, dress, hoodie, jacket, shirt, suit, tracksuit, tshirt 8
furniture bed, chair, desk, rocking_chair, sofa, table 6
statues armadillo, buddha, lucy, roman, thai_statue 5
misc diego, kettle, plants, teapot, skeleton 5
vehicles bicycle, car, jeep, ship, spaceship 5

For more details about composition, collection process and data sources, see the dataset homepage.