Bachelor of Software Engineering

National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)
Islamabad, Pakistan

2014-2018 | CGPA: 3.78

NUST grades on a scale from 1 to 4, with 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest grade point. A minimum of 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is required to successfully complete the degree.
SE-499 Final-Year Project

Automatic Signature Verification

Best Senior Project Nominee

Signature verification is the process of using machine learning methods to validate the authenticity of an individual's signature. Signatures can be of one of the two types; on-line or off-line, and this project focuses on off-line signature verification. Aim of this project is to design an algorithm which can distinguish between genuine and forged signatures using writer independent features, and to develop a system using this algorithm which can be used to verify signatures on bank cheques. We intend to build a complete end-to-end hardware/software system which can be used to acquire signatures from bank cheques, perform signature verification, and display the results. For this purpose, various deep learning techniques were developed and tested on standard datasets for off-line signature verification, as well as on a dataset collected by ourselves.

Computer Science

  • CS-100 Fundamentals of ICT A
  • CS-110 Fundamentals of Computer Programming A
  • CS-212 Object-Oriented Programming A
  • CS-220 Database Systems B
  • CS-250 Data Structures and Algorithms A
  • CS-251 Design and Analysis of Algorithms A
  • CS-260 Human-Computer Interaction A
  • CS-330 Operating Systems A
  • CS-332 Distributed Computing B
  • CS-344 Web Engineering A
  • CS-361 Computer Graphics A
  • CS-471 Machine Learning A
  • CS-474 Computer Vision B+

Software Engineering

  • SE-200 Software Engineering B+
  • SE-210 Software Design and Architecture B+
  • SE-311 Software Requirements Engineering A
  • SE-312 Software Construction A
  • SE-320 Formal Methods B+
  • SE-321 Software Quality Engineering B+
  • SE-430 Software Project Management A


  • MATH-111 Calculus I B+
  • MATH-112 Calculus II A
  • MATH-161 Discrete Mathematics B+
  • MATH-222 Linear Algebra A
  • MATH-351 Numerical Methods A
  • MATH-361 Probability and Statistics A

Electrical Engineering

  • EE-212 Basic Electronics A
  • EE-221 Digital Logic Design A
  • EE-321 Computer Architecture & Organisation A
  • EE-353 Computer Networks A


  • CSL-401 Community Service Qualified
  • ECO-130 Engineering Economics C+
  • FIN-100 Principles of Accounting B+
  • HRM-241 Organisational Behaviour B
  • HU-101 Islamic Studies A
  • HU-107 Pakistan Studies B+
  • HU-109 Communication Skills A
  • HU-212 Technical & Business Writing B+
  • HU-222 Professional Ethics B+
  • MGT-164 Introduction to Management B+
  • MGT-271 Entrepreneurship B+
  • PHY-101 Applied Physics A