A lightweight Android application for quickly scanning barcodes and QR codes.

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Scanner is a lightweight barcode scanning app for Android. It supports many code formats (QR Codes, barcodes, etc.), and can automatically detect different content types. Scanner can also be used to generate QR codes for several content types.


Key Features


Most common types of barcodes can be scanned with the in-built scanner. The smart scanner can detect books, contacts, emails, location, sms, web pages, and other content types automatically, and prompt you to perform appropriate operations.

For example, if a book ISBN is detected, the app automatically performs a Google search and shows you search results for books. If a QR code with contact info is scanned, you can add the contact to your phonebook.

QR Code Generation

Scanner allows you to create QR codes for following content types:

You can select contacts from your phone, pick location on a map, enter an ISBN, web address, or any text. QR codes generated from this data can be saved to Gallery, or shared using the device’s default Share action.

Implementation Notes

This Android application is written in Kotlin, and uses the latest APIs including Google’s CameraX for displaying a camera for scanning codes, ML Kit by Firebase for detecting barcodes, and this QR Generator library which is an Android wrapper for the ZXing “Zebra Crossing” barcode scanning library for Java.

The complete source code is not publicly available, but you can see the latest documentation of the source code.

About the Client

This is a personal project.