Saif Khan

Android Developer and AI Researcher

Research Work

My research work primarily focuses on Computer Vision applications including biometric authentication, image segmentation and 3D reconstruction using deep learning.


Three-Dimensional Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image using Deep Learning: A Review (2022)

3d reconstruction  single-view  deep learning  convolutional neural networks  texture-less surfaces  

RGB-D Data of Real Textureless Surfaces (2021)

3D Reconstruction  

BCSD: Bank Checks Segmentation Database (2020)

Banking  Segmentation  

Signature Verification (Thesis) (2018)

Authentication  Biometrics  

Featured Projects

In addition to ML research, I work as a hobbyist software developer with most work in Android app development. Some of my featured projects are listed below:


Authentica: Signature Verification System

Authentica is a signature verification system which allows banks to verify signatures on bank checks.

Eduistein: Smart School App

Eduistein is an online learning management system for smart schools, in shape of a mobile app, developed for a client in India.

Doodle: A Simple Paint App

Doodle is a simple paint application for Android, written in Java and Kotlin programming languages.

RECatalyst: Better Project Management

A collaborative tool for software project management and requirements specification.

Tiled: Tilemaps on Android

Tiled is a lightweight API for easily creating tilemaps in Android. It is useful for applications and games which need to display tile-based graphics.
Open for work

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Available for work on projects in the categories listed below.

App development

Beautifully designed mobile applications, specifically tailored for your unique needs.


Algorithm design

Optimized algorithms to solve basic problems to complex machine learning tasks.


Game design

Cross-platform 2D/3D games developed with beautiful assets and latest available tools.


Graphics design

Aesthetic designs for book covers, beautiful logos, expressive icons, and much more.


UI/ux design

Intuitive UIs that speak for themselves, using Google's material design guidelines.


Web development

Portfolios, company profiles, app landing pages; any static/dynamic web app you need.

You can see my past projects to learn more about my work experience related to the offered services.

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Dig Deeper

Head over to my GitHub profile to peek behind the scenes. Most of my projects are open-source.

"Talk is cheap. Show me the code."
- Linus Torvalds

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Beyond Programming

In this section, I share brief glimpses of my hobbies and life outside computers.

Recent posts


Not exactly the sporty type, but sometimes you have to bend your own rules.

This playlist shows me trying to learn long-boarding at 25. Better late than never, right?


I use my bicycle to get around town or take occasional trips into the forests and mountains around.



I like to cook and occasionally bake. Here's a list of my favorite recipes on YouTube. Cheers!

I also sometimes bake cakes and breads.