Cygnus Smart School App

devices  Mobile App

Cygnus is an online learning management system for smart schools, in shape of a mobile app, developed for a client in India.

It aids schools, teachers and their students by allowing resource sharing, ability to communicate with each other, manage test grades, and much more.

Key Features

For Schools

  1. Manage subjects taught at the school
  2. Manage classes in the school.
  3. Invite teachers to join the app.
  4. Manage class and subject teachers.

For Class Teachers

  1. Manage students in their class.
  2. Share class announcements.
  3. Mark daily student attendance.

For Subject Teachers

  1. Upload course material.
  2. Share subject announcements.
  3. Create tests and share grades.

For Students

  1. See class schedule.
  2. See attendance summary.
  3. See obtained grades.
  4. Read announcements on class/subject notice boards.
  5. Download course files (lectures, notes, etc).

Supported Platforms

  • Android

Programming Languages

  • Kotlin