I am Saif Khan

Versatile software engineer skilled in mobile development, machine learning, and computer vision.

Featured Projects

I am always working on many exciting programming projects, some of which are listed below:


Authentica: Signature Verification System

Authentica is a signature verification system which allows banks to verify signatures on bank checks.

Cygnus Smart School App

Cygnus is an online learning management system for smart schools, in shape of a mobile app, developed for a client in India.

Doodle: A Simple Paint App

Doodle is a simple paint application for Android, written in Java and Kotlin programming languages.


A collaborative tool for software management with focus on requirements engineering.

Tiled: Tilemaps on Android

Tiled is a lightweight API for easily creating tilemaps in Android. It is useful for applications and games which need to display tile-based graphics.

Coding Stats

Summary of my recent activity on GitHub where I contribute to open-source projects and manage my workflow.

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    Recent posts

    My Life Outside Computers

    Somebody once said that you shouldn't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. After all, life isn't all about work, and we all need time-off.

    With that in mind, I share glimpses of my life beyond programming here in the hope of being seen more than just a computer nerd.


    I like to cook, and even bake occasionally. The secret ingredient is always love, of course.

    This is a playlist of my favorite recipes on YouTube. Cheers!


    Not exactly the sporty type, but sometimes you have to bend your own rules.

    This playlist shows me trying to learn longboarding at 25. Better late than never, right?


    I never formally learned how to ride a bicycle. Working on fixing that now.

    I use my bicycle to get around town or take occasional trips into the forests and mountains around.

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