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How to Create a Splash Screen in Android

In this blog post, I will show you how to quickly create a custom splash screen for your Android apps.

Coronavirus Economics: Pakistan Responds by Going Green

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Imran Khan's government approved the 'Green Stimulus' package as a part of its ongoing efforts to increase Pakistan's green cover.

Il Duce and the Forgotten Tramp

It was a pleasant spring day in the year 1943. The sun shone brightly over the port city of Huelva in southwestern Spain. While the month of April was nearing its end, the blazing war all around remained incessant as ever.

A Simple Environmental Lesson I Learned in Hunza Valley

A few kilometres down the road from Sost in Upper Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, we are on our way to Khunjerab Pass. As we reach the region of Khunjerab National Park, a smiling, uniformed official standing next to an unassuming makeshift hut by the roadside signals us to stop.

Burial Suit That Turns You Into Mushrooms

Mushrooms are known as one of the world’s greatest decomposers. According to mycologist Paul Stamets, fungi can clean up everything from oil spills to nuclear meltdowns. He thinks mushrooms can come close to saving the planet.

Atif Mian and the Religious Intolerance in Pakistan

Early into his new office, Prime Minister Imran Khan's administration nominated Atif Mian for a post in the newly formed Economic Advisory Council (EAC) to assist the nearly-bankrupt government on issues of finance and economics. A few days later, the whole country had erupted into spontaneous protests from the far-right groups.

Boost Your Mortgage Business with These Helpful Tips

Mortgage professionals have made effort to make a comeback ever since, with considerable success recently. Increasing numbers of friendly brokers have been observed over the past few years.

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His Last Speech

His eyes swept the bright, prolific auditorium before him, taking in the young, eager faces, all with their eyes set on him.

Remembering the Battle of Hogwarts

Today marks the day of the final showdown between the defenders of Hogwarts and the forces of late Lord Voldemort. In the fictional world of Magical Britain, nineteen years ago today on 2 May 1998, the Chosen One sacrificed himself for the Wizarding World, and the Dark Lord was eventually killed by his own rebounding Killing Curse.