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Situational Instructions Database: Task Guidance in Dynamic Environments

The Situational Instructions Database (SID) addresses the need for enhanced situational awareness in artificial intelligence (AI) systems operating in dynamic environments. By integrating detailed scene graphs with dynamically generated, task-specific instructions, SID provides a novel dataset that allows AI systems to perform complex, real-world tasks with improved context sensitivity and operational accuracy. This dataset leverages advanced generative models to simulate a variety of realistic scenarios based on the 3D Semantic Scene Graphs (3DSSG) dataset, enriching it with scenario-specific information that details environmental interactions and tasks. SID facilitates the development of AI applications that can adapt to new and evolving conditions without extensive retraining, supporting research in autonomous technology and AI-driven decision-making processes. This dataset is instrumental in developing robust, context-aware AI agents capable of effectively navigating and responding to unpredictable settings. Available for research and development, SID serves as a critical resource for advancing the capabilities of intelligent systems in complex environments.

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The work leading to this publication was funded by the EU Horizon Europe Project LUMINOUS under Grant Agreement No 101092889.