Lexiconic Dictionary App

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Lexiconic is an English dictionary with some mini-games for vocabulary and IQ.

Lexiconic Dictionary App

Lexiconic is an English language dictionary, written in C++ with OpenGL for the GUI. This was a personal project for a Data Structure and Algorithms course. In addition to a fast-lookup dictionary containing over a 100,000+ words and their definitions, the application also includes a collection of mini brain games aiming to help build vocabulary or strengthen IQ.

Key Features

  1. Lookup word meanings with a intuitive UI.
  2. Word of the day feature to learn one new word every day.
  3. Extend the dictionary by adding custom words/definitions.
  4. Test your vocabulary with Hangman, Jumble and Word Train games.
  5. Develop problem solving and improve concentration with the Sudoku game.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows

Programming Languages

  • C
  • C++