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Simple Material Jekyll Theme

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Simple Material is a Jekyll-powered theme with a clean design following Google's Material Design guidelines.

It provides a a beautiful, clean and mobile-first fully-responsive interface for building your next website with minimal code. This is a plug-and-play Jekyll theme best suited to use on GitHub Pages without even setting up a local environment.

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Simple Material is an emailware. Meaning, if you liked using this theme or it has helped you in any way, I’d like you to send me an email at about anything you’d want to say about this software. I’d really appreciate it!

If you like, you can also support my work via GitHub Sponsors or PayPal.


This is actually a fork of reverie by amitmerchant1990 with some additional features and personal touches which I’ve implemented to suit the needs for my portfolio.


Simple Material is released under the MIT License. See our LICENSE file for details.